Marine Animal Customisable Bookmark on Textured Matte Paper



This is a customisable bookmark. You can choose the design and what you want printed on to it. Examples used are names, but you can also request a favourite quote or note.

These can be great gifts, or you can have one customised for yourself.

This bookmark is part of a collection. There are 17 options to choose from in the set. Originals are watercolour paintings. I also have stickers and various sized prints available

The Size of the bookmark is roughly 15 x 5.5cm with rounded corners – They are handcut though, so can be slightly larger or smaller.
210gsm textured paper


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Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 5.5 cm
Primary Colour


Secondary Colour



210gsm Textured Matte Paper


Sea Turtle, Great White Shark, Seal Pup, Octopus, Dugong, Squid, Saltwater Crocodile, Narwhal, Orca, Bottlenose Dolphin, Sea Snail, Starfish, Manatee, Manta Ray, Seahorse, Sea Lion, Yellow Tang Fish


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